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  1. Is the three-day delivery window to long? Will my flowers wilt before my wedding?
    We scheduled all of our wedding deliveries with a three-day window to provide enough time for hydration, blooming, preparation, and unexpected shipping delays.

  2. What are the sizes of the shipping boxes?
    Each of our shipping boxes vary in sizes depending on which stems, and arrangements are ordered. We do not provide exact dimensions of each box due to the wide range of orders.

  3. Can I leave the flowers in the boxes, or do they need to be removed right away?
    The flowers must be removed from their shipping boxes as soon as they arrive. They have been on a long journey and require water and air to ensure they complete their blooming process.

  4. Will my wedding arrangements come with vases?
    No, our wedding arrangements do not come with vases. We do have vase options on our website that can be added to your order upon request. Feel free to reach out to your Sales Team associate or reach out to us at weddinghelp@thebouqs.com.

  5. How do I store my loose flower petals?
    Loose flower petals can be stored in the refrigerator.
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